The Mystery of Thread Count – Why is this important?

Thread count is a one line way to sell a consumer. Blend and knit is what is important to keeping you, your family, and guests comfortable. If thread count is too high the fabric will not breathe, if someone has sunburn the fabric will stick to your skin. No one wants to get up in the morning and peel the sheets off of their child after a day at the beach.

We have spent over 40 years living at the beach and understand how to keep you comfortable. If you would like more information we are happy to explain the science but these are the highlights above.

How are products delivered?

Shore Easy delivers all linens and towels the morning you arrive in Sterilite totes, not plastic bags. This keeps your linens safe and away from sand and bugs. If the weather is untenable Shore Easy will either place you products in the house or in a secure location out of the weather.

At the end of your vacation

Please strip the beds, collect all of the towels and place the products in the totes where you found them when you arrived. Shore Easy will pick them up after you start to travel home, no need to wait for us.

Timing of your order

We are happy to do everything to accommodate your requests. Orders with 24 hours of your arrival are no problem. Same day orders may take us a few hours to fill after you arrive, we ask for a little patience and will give you a specific window of when we can arrive. There is no reason for you to delay your vacation, please start and we will deliver your requests as quickly as possible.